Having a successful career as a barber is important to all of us. We wanted to create an organization that barber students and licensed barbers can join to become inspired in achieving their goals in barbering. Successful Barber is about networking, advancing the profession, and establishing a cornerstone in the community through the perpetuation of Faith, Charity, Prosperity, Leadership and Barber-hood.  We believe that in order to be a Successful Barber we must focus on Character, Business and Skill Level a collective concept we call “Barber Theory”. You can help and inspire another barber by sharing the site and connecting with us via social media.




Barbers are coming together and getting organized in the Successful Barber Organization. We have taken an oath to help barbers improve their business and skill level while being effective leaders in the community. Join with us and become a member of the Successful Barber Organization.

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