Outwitting the Devil “The Secret to Freedom and Success”


This book is amazing. I’ve read and re-read this book at least six times. Actually I listened to it because I downloaded the audio version on my audible.com app. If I could sum up this book in as few words as possible it wouldn’t be easy to do. However, it discusses how success or failure is a result of our habitual way of thinking and how the “Devil” character attempts to keep majority of people drifting through life while being controlled by their outside circumstances. It points out how most people try to fix their negative circumstances by focusing on the outside results vs. correcting the thoughts that are creating the circumstance. The book also leads to how our habitual way of thinking can become permanent which can be disastrous if one is held in thoughts that produce negative results. This is the aim of the “Devil”, to keep people distracted so that they won’t achieve success and freedom. Outwitting the devil comes into play by being aware of this “cause and effect” thinking process which create the results we get in life so that we may fix our thinking in order to change our results. I think about how this relates to barbering and how I’ve used this “awareness” to achieve my goals and it makes me look at things differently. I tend to work my way backward from the goals I desire and ask myself, “How would I have to think to maintain my desired goal if I possessed it now?” Then I go into action and begin to do those things that I think about. I have to say this book is one of the many inspirations I’ve received which led me to build this site. Networking with other barbers using the authors “master mind” principle will create a mental environment to help propel success in each individual attached to it. What do you guys think about this? Do you think our success or failure is related to how we think? Do any of you practice this in your barbering career?


Are your barbering advertisements visually appealing?


This marketing piece above is an example of something I recently did in order to attract new walk-in customers to the shop and I wanted to point out a few things about it to get some ideas flowing about our marketing efforts. When it comes to marketing I’ve always read that its important to know your potential customers and how they think so that we may able to better communicate our businesses to them. One thing that I’ve learned over the years as a barber is that our customers want to be able to see our work before they try out our services and that is why I say that our marketing needs to be “visually appealing.” I don’t care if its on your business cards, on your flyers, on your website, or in your emails you need to have some type of photos with your work displayed in your advertisement or at least a link to your online photos. When you think about what type of haircuts to display in your advertisements think about the current trends or different designs that may be appealing to children and this will definitely draw attention to your sign. Remember to always include your contact information on your marketing pieces as well, so that you’ll avoid making a rookie mistake. A habit that I follow is to ask all my new customer how they heard about the shop so that I can get a good feel as to how effective my marketing pieces are working. Luckily our services are in high demand all across the country and advertising photos of your work is very effective for drawing customers into your shop and I encourage every barber to try this practice. What type of techniques do you use in your marketing to draw attention?

Barber by appointment vs. Barber by walk-in

How many times have you been at work and all of a sudden you have 3 or 4 customers walk in at the same time? This use to happen to me all the time. Actually, other barbers in the shop may have cut some of my regular customers because they didn’t have the time to wait in line. The day I decided to go to appointments only was one of the best decisions I ever made in the barber game. At first, I had to do a combination of walk-ins and appointments. Getting your existing customers to switch over to appointments is really not that hard to do. As customers came in to sit in my chair I would explain to them that I am switching to appointments only and if they were to set an appointment then they would have priority over any walk-ins that come into the shop. Customers will love to hear this! Those days of sitting in a barbershop all day will soon be over for your customers. As you begin to get customers calling to set up appointments you want to make sure that you write them down in your appointment book and stick to it. It’s important to write them down because as other customers begin to see that this is what you do now, they will realize that they need to get on the books. Once you develop the habit of doing this begin to allow your customers to write their own appointment times in the book. The purpose of doing this is to put the customer in control of their appointment and take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Once you reach a certain point of having to many customers you will be glad you did this because it will keep you on time for your next appointment. Now let me ask you how many customers do you think would love to come, get in, and get out/or stay? I personally almost never have more than one person waiting at time. How many do you typically have?

How the Internet Changed a Barber’s Life

If you are not using the Internet to get new customers, what is wrong with you?! Today’s advances in technology and Internet have made it so easy to spread the news about your services. The reason why is because everybody is on the net. Once you learn how to place yourself in front of your targeted customers all you have to do is put relevant content before them. Whether you’re advertising discounts, pictures, videos, or any useful information the Internet makes this easy to do. Luckily, we are in an industry where most men need to get haircuts. At a basic level there are four main areas of the Internet we can use to get new customers.

Build a website.
I can’t count how many new customers I have gotten from my website. This is especially helpful for new people to Columbus because google search engine ranks me pretty well for barbers in Columbus, Ohio. A website is the first impression of your business to new customers and if its done right you will get a nice amount of traffic from new clients.

Social Media
The majority of my customers come from social media networks that I use like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These social networks are heavily picture based which is great because potential clients can see what type of work I do. A picture says a thousand words! It’s also cool to have descriptions of the pictures with a link back to your website so people can email subscribe on your site.

Here’s the value in all your marketing efforts. Someone once told me that they would rather collect everyone else’s business card vs. giving out one of his. The reason why is because once you collect a persons email address or other contact information you can then begin to advertise and connect with that person on a strategic level. I usually use my email lists to send out important information such as discounts, time off for vacation, new barbers working at the shop, etc.

This is somewhat helpful in a couple of ways. One way is that you can develop related content to barbering and hair services in order to bring people in your online network from the search engines. Something I use blogging for is to keep my clients up to date on the latest in hair care such as cures for bumps, tips on color, styles, and other things.

When you combine all of these online vehicles you have a pretty solid lead generation system in place. Getting customers to find out about you takes time and you have to learn patience. However, the Internet has made this process tremendously faster and easier to do. What type of things have you done online to get new clients? What social media channels work best for you?