Consistent barbers equals successful barbers

Time after time I tell new barbers that “Consistency” is key to this business and if you want to be successful then you have to understand why this is so important. If you can’t produce the same results for your clients each time they come to see you then it becomes more of a challenge to get them to come to you out of habit. What I mean is that as you develop clients and continue to service them over the years it becomes a habit for them to come to you. Customers come to expect the same exceptional service that you provide every time and get comfortable coming to you which is highly driven by consistency. They key to success in this business is to be able to connect with the customer on a deeper level to where they come to you based on how good you make them feel and always providing this feeling each time they come. Just last week when I was in the shop a customer said that he had been trying out different barbers and he just couldn’t find anyone that was consistent. He stated how one day he may get a good haircut and the next haircut wouldn’t be such a great experience along with the barbers not being at the shop on a consistent basis. Not only did this make the customer visit our shop for service but the word is beginning to spread about those inconsistent barbers which is definitely not good for business. I explain to barbers often that you don’t have to be the best barber in the world to be successful because you can not cut everybody. However, if you can be consistent by giving a decent haircut and always being at work during your set hours then customers will see the value in you. We have to remember that our customers have busy lives and schedules to stick to, so we have to possess a level of convenience, accountability, and consistency. Therefore, let us practice consistency and give our customers that same service every time they come to us. Have you ever heard customers say they just want a consistent barber?

Barbers use photo apps to get more customers

With all the apps that are available today you definitely need to add the Pics Art photo app to your arsenal. Of course there are a lot of different photo apps out there that can get the job done but I’ve been using Pics Art for a while now and I love it. It’s very user friendly from your mobile device and gives you a lot of different options for collages and color schemes. I also like the fact that it automatically sizes the photos to be compatible with Instagram which is another social media network that I use to get new customers. Check out my Facebook fan page at Mont da Barber to see some of the collages that I have put together. What are some of the pic apps that you have used before?


How Barbers can earn from their Social Media

If you haven’t tried HootSuite then you are definitely missing out on money. For a small fee the HootSuite app allows you to post status updates to all of your social media networks from a single platform, so instead of logging in to 6 or more different accounts you can manage everything from HootSuite. In addition, this app gives you the ability to schedule posts so that they go out when you want them to. This is great on days when you’re working hard at the shop all day but you still want to engage people on your social network channels. Whenever our shop has a new special, a new barber, new information, or just something funny to post we always schedule it in Hootsuite to post automatically every 3-4 hours so that different people will see it throughout the day. People make comments, like us, or even call in to the shop to set up an appointment and that is where the value is in this app. When you can keep people engaged in your business it develops trust which leads to customers. So if you haven’t tried out Hootsuite just click on a link and come back to let me know how it works for you.

Facebook Ads Are a Barber’s Dream

The power of social media! Did you know that Facebook is the second most visited website in the world according to This means that almost everyone on the Internet has a Facebook account. With Facebook ads you have the power to place your business directly in front of the people that you want to service and if you haven’t already tried using Facebook ads to get new customers, its at least worth a go. I remember when I first stumbled upon this method it doubled my business in two months and the money that I spent to do this has returned itself ten times over. However, there are a few things I think you should know about if you’re going to use Facebook ads.

When you create a Facebook ad and a user clicks on it, it takes them to a landing page. This page can be wherever you want to take them to such as a Facebook photo gallery, outside website, or anywhere else on the Internet. I would highly recommend that you have your landing page be one with lots of pictures of your work. When a user clicks on the ad and goes directly to a photo album it gives you the opportunity to capture that persons interest to possibly get them to come and get a haircut.

Targeting customers is an important feature because it allows you to spend money only where your potential customers are on Facebook. You can target people based on age, sex, location, special interest, and more. For example, if your targeted customers likes Kanye West you can advertise to people who like him in your zip code between the ages of 15-25. This is so powerful to be able to target your customers so that you won’t waste money.

Setting a daily budget will be different for everyone. When I first began using Facebook ads I started with a $5 daily budget. Once the daily budget is used Facebook stops showing your ads until the next day. It is important to take note that when I began using Facebook ads it wasn’t as popular as it is now so you may need to increase your daily budget to make sure your ad gets the exposure it needs. This amount can be as little as $1 or as high as you want it to be. It is definitely worth the cost because one hair cut can cover the cost of many days of advertising and that’s not including that customer coming back for repeat business.

Promoting your services on Facebook in my book is the number one way of generating new business via Internet today, tomorrow it could change. So make sure you stay up to date with the latest online social sites in order to lead the pack in your market. What social sites have you used? How much success did you have with it?

How Barbers can earn over $70,000/year (part 1)


When I was eighteen years old my dad tried to get me to go to barber school and at the time my mentality was that being a barber was not prestigious enough like a doctor, lawyer, or therapist. Boy was I wrong and when I finally understood more about the barber profession I realized that I was born to do this and succeed at it. Who knew that barbers could make such a great living and be in control of their time and create so many other ways to earn money stemming from a barber career. Before barbering I practiced real estate and dabbled in a few other things to make money on the side, however when I started my career as a barber my life changed and my brand became well-known throughout the city. Over the years I’ve read many books on business, marketing, Internet, leadership, taxes, just to name a few and what I’ve uncovered is a solid proven method on how to become a successful barber. The reason this article is in two parts is because I really want to make sure I cover in detail what makes barbers successful and how all of us can implement these strategies to accomplish our goals in this profession. Many barbers ask me how I became so successful and now I tell them go subscribe to Successful Barber however there two broad areas that I focus on to keep my customers pouring in. Probably most important for all the newbies out there is to remain patient and persistent and to remember that “Rome was not built in a day…” What I mean is that it took time for me to get where I am today and had I received the abundance of customers in the beginning I actually would not had been ready for them. It takes professionalism and a level of seriousness to earn over $70,000/year as a barber but I know many barbers that do it and earn even more. There will be times when you feel like you’ve went into the wrong business or that no matter what you do customers will not come into your shop, but you have to stay persistent and connected with other successful barbers to improve your own business. I know it can be difficult at times to remain faithful to the job and when you have those moments of frustration you can always come back to this site or link up with other successful barbers and get inspired. Once I was asked how do I stay so upbeat about growing my clientele and I responded with a resounding, “It’s get customers or die trying!”, and I literally meant it. This mentality is about staying persistent and knowing that I am a barber and when one decides that they are truly a barber then he/she will make their living through barbering no matter what. Do you know any barbers that need some motivation? If so then share this article with your friends and don’t forget to come back to read part two.

Barber’s vacation helps cure burn out


Resting is probably one of the hardest things to do once you get some money pouring in from your customers. However, it is essential to take breaks because burn out will occur and it wil definitely begin to affect the quality of your haircuts. Taking a vacation is going to be a different experience for all of us but I want to stress the importance of doing so. I typically take three 5 day vacations per year as of now but I am working my way up to take four vacations per year. The amount of energy and enthusiasm that you have once you come back to work is awesome. Your haircuts come out crispy, your arms and shoulders feel rejuevenated, and cutting hair seems fun again. Something important to keep in mind is to plan out your vacation well in advance so that you give your customers more than enough time to prepare and that your financial budget is able to cover your booth rent for the week along with your bills at home. Remember in our profession when we don’t work we don’t get paid so taking a vacation has to be thoroughly thought out. Nevertheless, be sure to vacate the shop every once in a while even if its a “stay-cation” at your own home. You’ll be glad you did it!