Who wants to have MASSIVE clientele? If so then read this…

20131204-144741.jpgI have to admit building a business is not as easy as some barbers would like it to be. Especially when it comes to attracting clients into your chair. Thinking of creative ways to deliver your message to potential clients is one thing, but actually taking action and doing the necessary steps is another ball game. I’ve given advice to barbers all across the country about how to get MASSIVE clientele and for the most part the creative ideas flow like the Nile River. However when it comes to actually putting our thoughts into action it becomes more of a challenge and this is where barbers begin to soul search. What I mean is that taking action requires determination, persistence, and being definite about what it is you want to do. Barbers have to be able to consciously take all other options off of the table and make a definite decision that you are going to succeed at becoming a successful barber. Don’t just say it with your lips but actually BELIEVE IT! If you really believe something then it will cause you to move and go into action. However, if you say you believe that you’re going to be a successful barber but you sit in the shop all week expecting a walk-in to come through then you are fooling yourself. Belief in something creates action and if you really want to become a successful barber then you have to DO what successful barbers Do. I recommend that if you are sitting in the shop for one or more hours and have not received a haircut then you should go outside the shop and begin promoting yourself. This could be passing out flyers or business cards or even promoting over the Internet. You should NEVER expect to cut more people this week if you didn’t do any quality advertising last week. So word of advice to those barbers who want to gain MASSIVE clientele, believe-then Do-and see results. Tip: Successful barbers subscribe to SuccessfulBarber.com

Why Should Barbers Promote Healthy Hair?

20131201-134225.jpgToday my customer told me that before sitting in my chair he has never had anyone care about his hair the way that I do. It really amazes me how much barbers don’t go the extra mile to educate the customers about their hair. This particular customer has a thinning hairline, something that we all have to deal with in this industry. Since it was my first time cutting his hair I asked him a decent amount of questions while I was servicing him in regards to his haircut. I explained to him how we could try and bring his hairline back to its original place and maybe even try some growth products. This small bit of advice to him went a long way because it made him feel like I was really concerned for the health of his hair. He will definitely be coming back to get another haircut. 🙂  Managing our customers is so important to focus on in this business. Not only do we have to focus on getting customers but also have to be able to keep them coming back. When a customer asks you a question about their hair and you don’t have the answer, then take the time out to research the answer so when the client comes back you will be able to share what you found. Just out of curiosity, what are some questions that you guys/gals receive from customers pertaining to their hair?