Are your barbering advertisements visually appealing?


This marketing piece above is an example of something I recently did in order to attract new walk-in customers to the shop and I wanted to point out a few things about it to get some ideas flowing about our marketing efforts. When it comes to marketing I’ve always read that its important to know your potential customers and how they think so that we may able to better communicate our businesses to them. One thing that I’ve learned over the years as a barber is that our customers want to be able to see our work before they try out our services and that is why I say that our marketing needs to be “visually appealing.” I don’t care if its on your business cards, on your flyers, on your website, or in your emails you need to have some type of photos with your work displayed in your advertisement or at least a link to your online photos. When you think about what type of haircuts to display in your advertisements think about the current trends or different designs that may be appealing to children and this will definitely draw attention to your sign. Remember to always include your contact information on your marketing pieces as well, so that you’ll avoid making a rookie mistake. A habit that I follow is to ask all my new customer how they heard about the shop so that I can get a good feel as to how effective my marketing pieces are working. Luckily our services are in high demand all across the country and advertising photos of your work is very effective for drawing customers into your shop and I encourage every barber to try this practice. What type of techniques do you use in your marketing to draw attention?

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