Are Barbers Managing Their Customers the Best Way

custysIts Wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It was a pretty good day at the shop today, however managing my customers was definitely at the center of my attention. Over the last two weeks I have been letting my customers know what my holiday schedule would be so that they can re-adjust their time to come in and still get their haircut. I have to admit there was one slight oversight in my calendar that I failed to recognize. Once I thought I had finished my day around 5:00pm I packed up my three children and said to them, “Let’s get up out of here.” Oh yeah, there was no school today so my children spent a day at the shop with dad. After we left the shop we had dinner at a nice dine-in restaurant and went home. I received a phone call around 6:30pm from a regular client explaining how he had an appointment set up with me at that time. Boy was I confused. I totally forgot to make sure his appointment was in my calendar and it would have put shame on my heart had I not gone back to the shop to cut his hair. Yes, I had to pack the kids up again and it was completely my fault. The point of the story is that managing our customers is a vital part to our success and it needs to receive attention and planning to help improve our careers. Since my earlier days in the barber business I’ve gone to online booking for my appointments and my software manages my customers for me. However when I use to pencil my customers in my calendar it took much more time and I had a lot more human errors. The online appointment booking system never fails me and my customers have the power to schedule with me when its convenient for them. If you’re a barber that wants to take his/her business to the next level I would recommend looking into an online appointment booking system that has user-friendly pages for your customers. It’s helped me manage my customers smoothly this year for Thanksgiving and it could help you.

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