Barber’s vacation helps cure burn out


Resting is probably one of the hardest things to do once you get some money pouring in from your customers. However, it is essential to take breaks because burn out will occur and it wil definitely begin to affect the quality of your haircuts. Taking a vacation is going to be a different experience for all of us but I want to stress the importance of doing so. I typically take three 5 day vacations per year as of now but I am working my way up to take four vacations per year. The amount of energy and enthusiasm that you have once you come back to work is awesome. Your haircuts come out crispy, your arms and shoulders feel rejuevenated, and cutting hair seems fun again. Something important to keep in mind is to plan out your vacation well in advance so that you give your customers more than enough time to prepare and that your financial budget is able to cover your booth rent for the week along with your bills at home. Remember in our profession when we don’t work we don’t get paid so taking a vacation has to be thoroughly thought out. Nevertheless, be sure to vacate the shop every once in a while even if its a “stay-cation” at your own home. You’ll be glad you did it!

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  • In my opinion to be deal with the burns first, the barber should properly oiled there machines with the good clipperside spray so that there will be no friction in between the blades and instead of picking the customer hairs the machine will smoothly cut there hair and the other factor they should consider that after using the machine if, the redness appears they atleast use a aftershave or a rubbing alcohol so that these burns will not carry infection

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