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How Barbers can earn over $70,000/year (part 1)


When I was eighteen years old my dad tried to get me to go to barber school and at the time my mentality was that being a barber was not prestigious enough like a doctor, lawyer, or therapist. Boy was I wrong and when I finally understood more about the barber profession I realized that I was born to do this and succeed at it. Who knew that barbers could make such a great living and be in control of their time and create so many other ways to earn money stemming from a barber career. Before barbering I practiced real estate and dabbled in a few other things to make money on the side, however when I started my career as a barber my life changed and my brand became well-known throughout the city. Over the years I’ve read many books on business, marketing, Internet, leadership, taxes, just to name a few and what I’ve uncovered is a solid proven method on how to become a successful barber. The reason this article is in two parts is because I really want to make sure I cover in detail what makes barbers successful and how all of us can implement these strategies to accomplish our goals in this profession. Many barbers ask me how I became so successful and now I tell them go subscribe to Successful Barber however there two broad areas that I focus on to keep my customers pouring in. Probably most important for all the newbies out there is to remain patient and persistent and to remember that “Rome was not built in a day…” What I mean is that it took time for me to get where I am today and had I received the abundance of customers in the beginning I actually would not had been ready for them. It takes professionalism and a level of seriousness to earn over $70,000/year as a barber but I know many barbers that do it and earn even more. There will be times when you feel like you’ve went into the wrong business or that no matter what you do customers will not come into your shop, but you have to stay persistent and connected with other successful barbers to improve your own business. I know it can be difficult at times to remain faithful to the job and when you have those moments of frustration you can always come back to this site or link up with other successful barbers and get inspired. Once I was asked how do I stay so upbeat about growing my clientele and I responded with a resounding, “It’s get customers or die trying!”, and I literally meant it. This mentality is about staying persistent and knowing that I am a barber and when one decides that they are truly a barber then he/she will make their living through barbering no matter what. Do you know any barbers that need some motivation? If so then share this article with your friends and don’t forget to come back to read part two.