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Barbers do you email market to get new customers?

Emailing your customers will definitely set you apart from other barbers and they’ll love you for it. I’ve been using email marketing for a couple of years and it generates good feedback and plenty of referral business. Customers love the fact that I email them to let them know when I have an upcoming vacation or time off, if I have any specials or discounts for the month, or if I even just want to give them some advice about how to care for their hair. After all, we are their hair doctor in a way. Aweber email service is the best that I’ve come across because its very user-friendly and its great at helping me automate my business. I spend more time cutting hair while my business runs itself. I love the Internet and I love Aweber.



Barbers need to download their Successful Barber app

Successful Barber AppThis app is cool. Now we can connect with each other from our mobile devices and share our experiences with barbers from all over the world. One of my favorite features about this app is that it allows you to upload photos of your work and share them to other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Of course we still get all the information on how to improve our barber business from the website, but now its all in one place and its with me where ever I go. I will definitely encourage my barber friends to download this app. Currently its only available to Android user, however, Apple users will be able to download it very soon.