Core Information

Our Principles
Faith, Charity, Prosperity, Leadership and Barber-hood

Our Motto
Helping barbers improve their business and skill level while being effective leaders in the community.

What is a Successful Barber?
Being a Successful Barber is not about being the best haircutter or having the most customers. Its about setting a goal and accomplishing it. That’s it!

Our National Founding Date
April 23rd, 2013

Our National Founding Place
Columbus, Ohio

Who is our National Founder?
Lamont Evans

What are our Official Colors?
Barber Pole Blue and Metallic Silver

What is our National Symbol?

IMG_2152The Shear and Straight Razor

What is our National Seal?



What are the Five Key Areas one must understand to build a Successful Barber Business?

  • Generating Customers
  • Managing Customers
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Creating Your Brand

What must one do to become a voting member of Successful Barber?

  • Be a licensed barber by your state agency or a barber student enrolled in a licensed barber college or apprentice program. 
  • Fill out an Online Membership Application
  • Participate in a minimum of three Successful Barber Events
  • Complete and Pass a Successful Barber Exam
  • Sign an Oath Agreement

Contact Information
National Headquarters
2410 Home Acre Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43231
614.732.6661 (Phone)