“It only takes a short time to become a member
but it takes a Lifetime to be a Brother or Sister”

Official Successful Barber Facebook BannerIt is evident that the process you undergo before becoming a member is secondary to the responsibility you accept once you become a Brother or Sister. Successful Barber is more than a professional organization, it is a new concept…a way of life. By joining Successful Barber, you are agreeing to always strive for excellence in all facets of your barbering career – hair cutting skill level, business and character. Furthermore, you are committing to consistently striving to accomplish your goals despite any and all obstacles.

This concept has its roots in the founding of the organization. When Successful Barber was founded there were a growing number of barber professionals teaching across the country. Our founder chose to steer the course in a new direction and organize into something that would last well beyond his own years. 

Today Successful Barber is growing and as we seek to further our growth, we are looking for Barbers who have this same boldness and strength of conviction.


Since its founding, Successful Barber has demonstrated a growth and interest that shows a huge demand for what we stand. Time and time again, we have seen that there are barbers who are seeking an organization with the professionalism and creativity that are unique to Successful Barber. We are actively seeking barbers who are interested in “Setting a Goal” and “Accomplishing It. That’s It!”

We caution however, that membership in Successful Barber is not easy and it’s not for everyone. Being a Successful Barber is not about being the best hair cutter or having the most clients. It’s about setting a goal and accomplishing it. That’s It! If you’ve ever built or accomplished anything, you understand that it is hard, tiring work. If you are interested in instant gratification or “Barbering Made Easy,” Successful Barber is definitely not the place for you. Organizationally, we are continually called to stand fast for what we believe in the face of all opposition. We are only interested in barbers who have the strength of character and conviction to stand with us.


Starting a Chapter of Successful Barber is a process that occurs in several stages. It starts with an Interest Group.

An Interest Group is a set of barbers who meet the criteria for membership in Successful Barber and who have been accepted into the Barber-hood Intake Process. These candidates will be closely mentored and monitored by representatives of Successful Barber, as designated by the organizations Executive Board.
Upon completing the Intake Process, the members of this group become full-fledged members of Successful Barber with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereto. The new members also receive their official designation as an officially chartered Chapter. (For groups that are reactivating an existing but currently inactive chapter of Successful Barber, this step is bypassed.)

As you can see, the process is not easy … nor is it meant to be. We are interested in determining whether a group can create and maintain the level of interest and commitment necessary to contribute to Successful Barber in a meaningful and sustainable way.


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