Mobile Barber Battle is awesome…

20130619-132250.jpgThat’s Right! The world’s first Mobile Barber Battle is HERE. Do you want to expose your work? Do you want to have fun while creating a world wide brand for yourself? Well participate in the world’s first Mobile Barber Battle. This idea came to me one day as I was thinking about the power of MOBILE INTERNET. It allows all barbers to connect and have competition with good sportsmanship of course. The best thing about it all is that it is completely FREE.

How to Enter:

In order to participate in the competition you have to download the Successful Barber app to your mobile device which is free. The app is currently available on Apple and Android markets.

Its important to subscribe via email to Successful Barber in order to receive information about the competition such as the dates to upload your pictures, when the competitions will be held, and the announcement of winners. Connecting to Successful Barber via Facebook and Twitter is also recommended to receive these updates.

How to Play:

The competition will be pretty simple. I will set a date with a 24 hour window for barbers to upload their picture to the Successful Barber app. There will be a Barber Battle photo gallery icon on the app and this is where barbers will upload their pictures. If you do not upload your picture to this photo gallery within the 24 hour window then your picture will not be included in the competition. Attention – Each barber may only upload ONE picture. ONE picture per barber per competition.

When you upload your picture be sure to add your name, city, state, and email address (required to compete) to the comment section of the picture. This information will be used to contact the winner and also give the world your contact information for your services.

Once the 24 hour window has expired and all the pictures have been uploaded, the photos will then be added to the Successful Barber Instagram page where the audience will begin to vote on the best haircuts. So, if you don’t have the Instagram mobile app then now is the time to download it (which is also free) so that you can begin telling all your friends and followers to come and vote on your picture by “liking” it. You can find the Instagram page by searching Successful Barber.

How do we determine the winner:

Once the photos are uploaded to Instagram a 7-day window will pass while followers vote on the best photos by “liking” the picture. At the end of the 7-day window who ever has the most likes will be the winner. There will be a 1st place and runner up winner.

What’s the prize:

The 1st place winner will receive a t-shirt and a spot-light as the winner on the website. The runner up will receive a t-shirt. To see an example of what the spot-light page may look like click here.

Are you ready to display your best work? Well if so, then let’s go. Download the app!

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