Outwitting the Devil “The Secret to Freedom and Success”


This book is amazing. I’ve read and re-read this book at least six times. Actually I listened to it because I downloaded the audio version on my audible.com app. If I could sum up this book in as few words as possible it wouldn’t be easy to do. However, it discusses how success or failure is a result of our habitual way of thinking and how the “Devil” character attempts to keep majority of people drifting through life while being controlled by their outside circumstances. It points out how most people try to fix their negative circumstances by focusing on the outside results vs. correcting the thoughts that are creating the circumstance. The book also leads to how our habitual way of thinking can become permanent which can be disastrous if one is held in thoughts that produce negative results. This is the aim of the “Devil”, to keep people distracted so that they won’t achieve success and freedom. Outwitting the devil comes into play by being aware of this “cause and effect” thinking process which create the results we get in life so that we may fix our thinking in order to change our results. I think about how this relates to barbering and how I’ve used this “awareness” to achieve my goals and it makes me look at things differently. I tend to work my way backward from the goals I desire and ask myself, “How would I have to think to maintain my desired goal if I possessed it now?” Then I go into action and begin to do those things that I think about. I have to say this book is one of the many inspirations I’ve received which led me to build this site. Networking with other barbers using the authors “master mind” principle will create a mental environment to help propel success in each individual attached to it. What do you guys think about this? Do you think our success or failure is related to how we think? Do any of you practice this in your barbering career?


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