How the Internet Changed a Barber’s Life

If you are not using the Internet to get new customers, what is wrong with you?! Today’s advances in technology and Internet have made it so easy to spread the news about your services. The reason why is because everybody is on the net. Once you learn how to place yourself in front of your targeted customers all you have to do is put relevant content before them. Whether you’re advertising discounts, pictures, videos, or any useful information the Internet makes this easy to do. Luckily, we are in an industry where most men need to get haircuts. At a basic level there are four main areas of the Internet we can use to get new customers.

Build a website.
I can’t count how many new customers I have gotten from my website. This is especially helpful for new people to Columbus because google search engine ranks me pretty well for barbers in Columbus, Ohio. A website is the first impression of your business to new customers and if its done right you will get a nice amount of traffic from new clients.

Social Media
The majority of my customers come from social media networks that I use like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These social networks are heavily picture based which is great because potential clients can see what type of work I do. A picture says a thousand words! It’s also cool to have descriptions of the pictures with a link back to your website so people can email subscribe on your site.

Here’s the value in all your marketing efforts. Someone once told me that they would rather collect everyone else’s business card vs. giving out one of his. The reason why is because once you collect a persons email address or other contact information you can then begin to advertise and connect with that person on a strategic level. I usually use my email lists to send out important information such as discounts, time off for vacation, new barbers working at the shop, etc.

This is somewhat helpful in a couple of ways. One way is that you can develop related content to barbering and hair services in order to bring people in your online network from the search engines. Something I use blogging for is to keep my clients up to date on the latest in hair care such as cures for bumps, tips on color, styles, and other things.

When you combine all of these online vehicles you have a pretty solid lead generation system in place. Getting customers to find out about you takes time and you have to learn patience. However, the Internet has made this process tremendously faster and easier to do. What type of things have you done online to get new clients? What social media channels work best for you?

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