Barber by appointment vs. Barber by walk-in

How many times have you been at work and all of a sudden you have 3 or 4 customers walk in at the same time? This use to happen to me all the time. Actually, other barbers in the shop may have cut some of my regular customers because they didn’t have the time to wait in line. The day I decided to go to appointments only was one of the best decisions I ever made in the barber game. At first, I had to do a combination of walk-ins and appointments. Getting your existing customers to switch over to appointments is really not that hard to do. As customers came in to sit in my chair I would explain to them that I am switching to appointments only and if they were to set an appointment then they would have priority over any walk-ins that come into the shop. Customers will love to hear this! Those days of sitting in a barbershop all day will soon be over for your customers. As you begin to get customers calling to set up appointments you want to make sure that you write them down in your appointment book and stick to it. It’s important to write them down because as other customers begin to see that this is what you do now, they will realize that they need to get on the books. Once you develop the habit of doing this begin to allow your customers to write their own appointment times in the book. The purpose of doing this is to put the customer in control of their appointment and take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Once you reach a certain point of having to many customers you will be glad you did this because it will keep you on time for your next appointment. Now let me ask you how many customers do you think would love to come, get in, and get out/or stay? I personally almost never have more than one person waiting at time. How many do you typically have?

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  • Great advice, Lamont! As for someone who’s been taking appointments for fifteen years, I’d have to say that there are customers who really do value the appointment experience.

    As professional barbers, we service clients through all phases of their lives. When they are younger and have more time on their hands and less plans for the day, it is very easy for them to come into a shop and sit for hours, laugh, joke and have a good time. But as their responsibilities increase by way of a job, a family, or other personal endeavors, TIME becomes a more valuable commodity that they can’t afford to loose. At that point, I have found that they are faced with two choices:

    1.) be late, due to the TIME it takes to go to the shop and wait to get serviced;
    2.) forgo getting a haircut because they don’t have TIME to wait;
    3.) begin cutting their own hair;
    4.) finding another barber, altogether.

    We, as professionals, need to organize our efforts and create systems that run more efficiently. We will receive more RESPECT, individually, the shops we work in will be seen as “heads and shoulders above the rest”, and our trade will be looked at with more PRESTIGE than ever!

  • Right on , this is modern day barbering, I like to read about someone that thinks of today, this is 2014 the walk in shops are old school, people have more things to do than sitting in a shop very long waiting for a haircut. keep it going , greatv ideas for online appointments are something I will use in my barber business thanks for the tips

  • I work in a shop that isn’t that old during the week is a nice flow of ppl but come Friday and Saturday we’re slammed ive been working there for 2 and a half years and I have bn a walk-in based barber and I have seen my customers skipped chairs because they can’t wait and I know I have lost many customers because of this… starting appointments this week hopefully it works out great this is a great site keep it up.

  • Nope, we will always do and only do walk-ins, have enough staff to manage the work load and your all sussed

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